Delegation to Hong Kong Federation of Students



Terms of reference

1. To represent the Union in the Hong Kong Federation of Students. It may decide by voting whether a united stand should be presented by the Delegation on any issue. Such stand may be resolved within the Delegation by voting. In case of a tie in voting, the chairperson shall have a further casting vote. Any member shall then speak and vote at Hong Kong Federation of Students meetings to uphold such stand as decided. The chairperson (or in his absence a member appointed by him) shall be the sole spokesman for the Delegation;

2. To advise the Union Council on any matter relating to the Hong Kong Federation of Students. It shall consult the Union Council on important issue whenever possible. The Union Council may give overriding instructions to the Delegation at any time regarding the stand of the Union in the Hong Kong Federation of Students on any issue;

3. Members of the previous and present Union Council Session shall meet to draw up the stand of the Union for the Annual Conference of the Hong Kong Federation of Students;

4. Membership:

a. Vice-President (External) [Chairperson] (Chief Delegate)

b. 4 Union Full Members

c. President (non-voting)

d. 1 Councilor (non-voting)

In case of absence of a member at a meeting of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, he shall be replaced in that meeting by the President. In the case of absence of two members, both the President and the Councilor shall replace them at that particular meeting. There shall be no secretary in the Delegation.


Post 職位

Name 姓名

Chairperson of Committee 委員會主席

Vice-President (External)

Chow Yong Kang Alex

Members of Committee 委員會成員

Union Full Member (External Affairs Secretary 1)
基本會員 (外務秘書一)

Leung Ching Him

Union Full Member (Current Affairs Secretary)
基本會員 (時事秘書)

Yip Kwan Kit

Union Full Member (Popularly Elected Union Councilor 5)
基本會員 (普選評議員五)

Wong Wing Long Leo

Union Full Member

Chan King Yan


Tang Laurence Yat Long

Councilor (Representative of Arts Association)
評議員 (文學院學生會代表)

Ng Wai Ka, Oscar


Should you have any enquiries or comments about this committee, please contact Mr. Chow Yong Kang Alex via email (